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"A-Punk" von Vampire Weekend ist tanzbar in Just Dance 2.


The dancers appear to be teenagers in winter clothing. In the remake, both dancers look more HD.


P1 is a teenage boy with an orange-and-red toque, a lime green, white, orange-and-red vest, a white long-sleeved shirt, lime green pants, and pink shoes with orange laces.


P2 is a teenage girl with pink wavy hair. She wears a yellow-and-orange winter hat, an orange scarf, a pink long sleeved sweater, a pink-and-orange skirt, pink ankle socks, and white shoes.


The routine seems to take place in a park-like setting, in a blizzard. There are trees swaying in the wind. Also, a white house is visible in the left corner of the background.

Gold Moves

There are 4 Gold Moves in this routine:

All: Punch the air with your right hand 4 times successively. 

Auftreten in Mashups

A-Punk appears in the following Mashup:


  • In the preview gameplay, the song is mistakenly named Vampire Weekend (the track's performing band).
  • This is the first time that Jérémy Paquet is P1 when he dances with Julia Spiesser.
  • The beta gameplay showed P1 dancing alone, in order to make the Duet mode a surprise; he also had a different colour scheme..
    • In another beta picture the girl is P1 and the boy is P2 instead of vice versa.
  • P2 has an avatar available on Just Dance 4, but the avatar did not return in Just Dance 2014.
    • However, the avatar has been proven to exist in the beta version of Just Dance 2014.
    • This is the second time where an avatar from Just Dance 4 did not return in Just Dance 2014. The first time happened to P1's avatar from Somethin' Stupid and the third time to Cotton Eye Joe.
      • However, P2's avatar from Somethin' Stupid made a reappearance, unlike A-Punk's avatar.
  • The E3 gameplay shows that the dancers aren't "frozen" at the beginning, unlike in the final version. This means that the dancers originally wasn't going to have the frozen effect.[1]
  • In the Just Dance 4 Xbox 360 DLC guide manual, the square of this song is seen.
  • P1 is shown on the NTSC boxart, along with TiK ToK and Call Me (with a different color scheme).




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