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"Acerola Taiso no Uta" ("アセロラ体操のうた") von Humbert Humbert (ハンバート ハンバート) ist tanzbar in Just Dance Wii U.


The dancers are two girls that appear to be either mascots for an apple orchard, or playing around.


P1 has black hair in two ponytails. She wears a red apple hat, an orange sleeveless shirt, red-and-yellow shorts with a green belt, green high socks and orange shoes.


P2 has short black hair. She wears the same outfit as P1, but it lacks the belt and the shorts colours are inverted. Also, she wears a green bandana on her neck.


The background is a sunny green field with a white picket fence. In the beginning, the sun rises up. An apple tree grows up during the song and at the end, the sun goes down.

Gold Moves

There is only one Gold Move in this routine:

Only Gold Move: Put your right hand under your left hand and point them up (P2 does this in the opposite direction). (This is the last move of the routine.)


  • Player 1 looks like Oshima Yuko and Player 2 looks like Watanabe Mayu if you look closely.
  • This is the shortest song in the Just Dance series being 1 minute and 5 seconds. Fatima is second getting beat by 45 seconds and Down By The Riverside is third getting beat by 50 seconds. They are the only songs under 2 minutes.
  • The pictograms never reappear during the routine, except for two points.
  • Because this is a very short song, the score bar moves very fast. This also happens with Fatima.
  • It takes about 5 perfects to achieve a star (2000 points).



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