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"Age Age Every Knight (アゲ♂アゲ♂EVERY☆騎士)" von DJ Ozma ist tanzbar in Just Dance Wii 2.



The dancer is a man with curly blonde hair. He wears a pair of hot pink glasses, an orange jacket which covers a yellow shirt, a purple necklace, a pair of yellow pants, as well as a pair of burgundy shoes.


The background is a dance floor with a canteen or bar behind it. There is a girl with hot pink hair behind the dancer, at the canteen, as well as other people on the dance floor following his moves. At the end, LOVE appears in the air with a heart.

Gold Moves

There are 6 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Move 1: Point to the screen with your right hand.
Gold Move 2: Point to the floor with both hands.
Gold Moves 3 and 6: Point to the right, but lower.
Gold Move 4: Swipe your hands to the side.
Gold Move 5: Point up with both hands.


  • The dancer looks like a recolor of the left dancer from Pop Star.
  • In the menu, the song is spelt incorrectly. "Night" is spelled as "Knight."
  • This is the first time the lyrics appear in the background. It is followed by Love Me Again.
  • In the background there is a girl that looks like Call Me Maybe and We Can Fly, and the barman wears the same clothes as P2 from Hot Stuff.
  • His hair is yellow instead of orange in the menu icon.




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