Hier geht es um Supergrass' song. Nicht zu verwechseln mit die Lieder von David Choi mit einem ähnlichen Namen.
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"Alright" von Supergrass ist tanzbar in Just Dance 2, Just Dance 3 als herunterladbares Lied, und Just Dance: Greatest Hits/Best Of.


Both dancers are in poolside summer clothes.


P1, a woman, has black short hair with green sunglasses, a black shirt with an orange hibiscus flower on it, orange leggins and black heeled shoes.


P2, a man, wears a white & green hat, a green,blue and white striped polo, yellow belt, green shorts and green sneakers.


The background resembles a pool party; it features stylized waves, multicolored piano keys and a green face that lip-syncs the line "We're alright." when Alright is sung, appears in the background.

Gold Moves

There are 2 Gold Moves in this routine, both of which are the same:

Both: Clap your hands. (P1 does this upwards and P2 does this downwards)


  • P1 bears a resemblance to the dancer from Feel This Moment.
  • The word "fag" from "smoke a fag" isn't censored, because "fag" means cigarette in that context.
  • The dancers appear in the Just Dance 4 instruction booklet for the Wii that explains how to download DLCs, although it wasn't meant to be a DLC for that game.
  • Along with It's Raining Men, Futebol Crazy, and Dagomba, this song is one of the final DLCs to be released for Just Dance 3.
  • The line "Lost control" is misspelled as "Lost controls".



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