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"Apache (Jump On It)" von The Sugarhill Gang ist tanzbar in Just Dance 3, Just Dance Now, und Just Dance Unlimited.

Appearance of the Dancer


The dancer is an Apache Indian man with no shirt, but a large necklace down his chest and traditional Apache outfit.


It's a city; on a building there are painted Indian totems, which glow during the chorus.

Gold Moves

There are 4 Gold Moves in the routine:
Gold Move 1: Hit the air with your fists.
Gold Move 2: Point to the screen.
Gold Move 3: Act like you are shooting an arrow from bow.
Gold Move 4: Raise your hand as if you are showing something.


There is 1 Gold Move in the Mashup:

Gold Move 1: Raise your hand as if you are showing something. (Apache (Jump On It)).


Apache (Jump On It) has an unlockable Mashup.


(No repeats)

Auftreten in Mashups

Apache (Jump On It) appears in the following Mashups:


Apache (Jump On It) appears in Puppet/PartyMaster Modes. Here are the captions attributed to his dance moves:

  • Indian Swing
  • Indian Ritual
  • Indian Whip
  • Inidan Feet
  • No Way
  • New Style Rain Dance
  • Rain Dance


  • The version of the song used in-game was re-recorded by The Sugarhill Gang, which can be found on iTunes.
  • Monster Mash was mentioned in the lyrics of the song.
    • However, the Just Dance team removed that part to save time.



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