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"Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In" von The Fifth Dimension, bedeckt von The Sunlight Shakers in der Hauptreihe, ist tanzbar in Just Dance 2014, Just Dance Now, Dance on Broadway, und Just Dance Unlimited.



P1, a girl, looks like Good Girl. She wears the flower crown first worn by Starships, as well as an orange bra, a pair of short denim pants and a pair of brown boots. She also wears some accessories on her left hand and an orange coat. She has long flowing brown hair.


P2, a woman, wears a one-piece dress which covers her entire torso. She also wears an orange headband over her frizzy brown hair as well as golden yellow wedges.


The background is very floral. There are very bright colors at one point and dark clouds in a night sky at another point. A colorful assortment of flowers also appears.

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in the routine:
Gold Moves 1 & 2: Hug each other.
Gold Move 3: Join your hands and move them upwards.

Auftreten in Mashups

Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In appears in the following Mashup:


  • Although not credited, this is the first 5th Dimension song in the series.
  • The cover is slightly shorter than the original.
  • The routine is supposed to act like a mother and daughter relationship. However, in the mashup for Love Is All, it's seen as a sisterly relationship.
  • The dancers hold hands at time making it feel like a "Hold My Hand" mode.
  • The flower crown was recycled from Starships.
  • P2 looks like the dancer in Umbrella.
  • The dancers reappear in the Mashup for Love Is All, which coincidentally, is another song covered by The Sunlight Shakers.
  • The beta version of this song had the Pictograms very different from the final version being green and red instead of light blue and orange.
  • Jessie J and Tyler Oakley use P1's avatar on the Just Dance 2015’s World Dance Floor.
  • A move is recycled from Love You Like A Love Song.
  • In the preview, the hug was not counted as a Gold Move.[1]




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