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"Bailando" von Enrique Iglesias mit Descemer Bueno und Gente de Zona ist tanzbar in Just Dance 2015 und 舞力全开2015.

Appearance of the Dancers


P1 is a woman with long, flowing black hair. She is wearing an orange bra, red skirt with underwear, and heeled sandals. She also wears a yellow and red necklace and yellow bracelets on her left hand.


P2 is a man with a butch cut. He is wearing a yellow shirt, a brown sleeveless coat, jeans with a black belt, black shoes and a brown tie. He also has a wristwatch on his left hand.


The background looks like a boardwalk near the ocean at sunset. There are some lights and trees surrounding the boardwalk.

Gold Moves


There are four Gold Moves in the Classic routine:

All: Bring your arms down while shaking your lower body.


There are 5 Gold Moves in the Mashup:
Gold Moves 1 and 4: Swivel down and up. (Sympathy For The Devil)
Gold Moves 2 and 5: Get up and put your hands to the air slowly. (Sympathy For The Devil)
Gold Move 3: Jump and punch down with your right fist. (Just Dance (Sweat))


Bailando has a Mashup that can be unlocked for 20 Mojo coins. Its theme is "Let's Rock!" and features dancers in rock fashion.


(No repeats)

[GM#] - indicates a Gold Move. The # refers to the Gold Move's chronological number.


  • Although there are several different versions of the song (an English version featuring Sean Paul, a Brazilian Portuguese version featuring Luan Santana, and a European Portuguese version featuring Mickael Carreira), it is the original Spanish version which is used in the game.
  • P1's dress was originally purple but was changed to red at the last minute, presumably because a video of it had the purple dress and it was a bit new.[1]
  • This is the Twelveth Spanish song in the Just Dance series, after Mamasita, Boom, Jambo MamboI Like ItAserejé (The Ketchup Song), Livin' la Vida Loca, María, Limbo, Can't Get Enough, Follow The Leader and Macarena. It's followed by Rabiosa and En Mi Mundo.
  • During the beginning of the song, the lyrics for the second line of the song isn't written correctly. Instead of putting "Cuando tú me miras", they wrote, "Cuando me miras".
  • P1's avatar greatly resembles the one for Dançando. Dançando and Bailando essentially translate to dancing in Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish, respectively.
  • The female dancer resembles the female dancer in I Like It from Just Dance 4, the one from Where Have You Been and also the one from Dançando, both from Just Dance 2014.
  • The beginning and the end of the song are shortened.
  • P2 is dressed like P1 of Limbo.
  • The background resembles Rio de Janeiro.
  • The Mashup slows every coach down.
  • When 'Bailando' is sung petals in various shades of pink and red are strewn from the left side of the screen.
  • Despite being sung, "Loca" and "Boca" are not highlighted during some parts of the song.
  • Sometimes, a weird glitch happens: you already get 5 stars from the start even if you didn't get any points.
  • In the Mashup, the dancer of Wake Me Up is not seen in black skin in his part of the routine, despite being so in the original routine.




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