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"Barbra Streisand" von Duck Sauce, bedeckt von Tom Zehnder in The Smurfs Dance Party, ist tanzbar in Just Dance 3 und The Smurfs Dance Party.





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The dancer is a woman with the following features:

  • Black and curly hair with and orange brooch at the top of the head
  • An orange undershirt
  • A black vest
  • A tie with white and pink diagonal lines
  • A black shorts
  • Open-toed orange heels.
  • A belt and chain attached to the shorts


In her remake, her outfit is more realistic, the colors are the same but now they are shown in a lighter color scheme and slightly glow. Her tie now has purple stripes instead of magenta stripes. Her pants are shown in a slightly bluish color. Her face is less visible and she is now represented with a blue outline instead of a purple outline. Also, her hair is neater.


The extreme dancer is a man with the following features:

  • Red hair
  • One of the few dancers in the Just Dance Series that has a mustache
  • Turquoise head band
  • Vest with purple, blue, and yellow stripes
  • Purple shorts
  • Green socks with a peach stripe
  • White and red shoes with purple laces



She is standing in a dark street with lots of cafes and shops. Lots of neon lights with text on it glow up too.


It contains silhouettes of a beach with flamingos, colorful palm trees and stripes that glow. It has a very similar appearance to the background from Mr. Saxobeat.

Gold Moves


The Classic routine has 4 Gold Moves, all the gold moves appear in the line.

Gold Moves 1 & 3 : Put your hands at your chin as if you're surprised.
Gold Moves 2 & 4: Put your right hand on the air while your left hand touches your left leg.


There are 3 Gold Moves in the Extreme routine, all of which are the same:

All: Point up once (right arm) and point left twice (left arm).


There is 1 Gold Move in the Mashup
Only Gold Move: Put your hands at your chin as if you're surprised. (Barbra Streisand)


Barbra Streisand has an unlockable mashup.


(No Repeats)

Auftreten in Mashups

Barbra Streisand appears in the following Mashups:




Both versions of Barbra Streisand appear in Puppet/Party Master Modes. Here are the captions attributed to her/his dance moves:


  • Clap That Hand
  • Hips Lock
  • Just Say No
  • NYC
  • Side To Side
  • Slap It
  • Watch Out
  • Wind Up Pony


  • Free Style
  • Locking
  • No Straining
  • Techno Break
  • Techno Lock
  • Techno Slide
  • Techno Twitch


  • The Extreme background is similar to the background of Mr. Saxobeat.
  • The Extreme routine reuses a move from Rockafeller Skank in the part that doesn't give points.
  • The extreme dancer messes up the third GM by pointing left once and pointing right twice.
  • The dancer appears on the NTSC boxart.
  • In the NTSC cover she is displayed with high green-striped socks and has slightly longer hair and different colour scheme.
    • In the trailer she is also depicted with slightly longer hair.
  • The code for the extreme version is in the buttons of the controller of the console and the order of how they're press. The pattern is up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right.
    • This code is also known as the famous Konami Code, a code used in various Konami games as a way to get extra lives or extra content. It fits, as an extreme version is extra content.
    • According to Just Dance, the only way to get the code is to purchase any Kellogg's item at Wal-Mart; of course, this has been found to be unnecessary.[1][2]
  • The Extreme routine is a Xbox 360 and Wii exclusive.
  • This is the first song by Duck Sauce in the series; it is succeeded by It's You on Just Dance 2014.
  • The dancer appears in a lot of Mashups due to the fact that the moves can easily fit into the rhythm of most of the songs in the series.
  • In Prince Ali’s Mashup, a move was slowed down to fit the beat of the song.
  • This is the first song in the series to have been named after a real person (in this case, the singer Barbra Streisand). It is followed by Alfonso Signorini (Eroe Nazionale).
  • The Extreme version is affected by a strange glitch: sometimes, the dancer doesn't appear and the score ball is smaller. Of course the song becomes unplayable and all you can do is just to press the A button to turn on the score ball's light.
  • A scene from the dance is featured in the 2014 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Wesley Enriquez designed a dress called City Chains for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which takes inspiration from this song.
  • The song has been shortened by about 47 seconds from the beginning.




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