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"Beauty And A Beat vs Call Me Maybe" ist eine schlacht aus Just Dance 4.



P1 is the dancer from Beauty And A Beat. The dancer's shirt is now in a darker shade of blue and his glove is now purple instead of yellow. Also, his hairstyle seems to be a tiny bit different. His jeans are colour blue too.


P2 is the dancer from Call Me Maybe. It looks like she is wearing the same outfit in the alternate version of her song. Just like P1, there are some modifications to the dancer. Her hair is now black instead of pink, her jacket is now pink instead of a light violet, and she has a light-blue colored glove instead of a green one. The other things that P2 is wearing have been left unchanged.


The battle takes place in a palace courtyard area in the clouds. The color scheme changes depending on the song being played. It is a scheme of blue if Beauty and a Beat is playing and it is pink if Call Me Maybe is playing.

Dance Quests

  • One player gets 3 stars
  • One player gets 5 stars
  • Win all rounds against the AI with the Dancer on the left
  • Win all rounds against the AI with the Dancer on the right
  • Win a round with a full life gauge
  • Get the "Cute" Dance style

How It Ends

Beauty And A Beat: The Beauty And A Beat dancer holds the Call Me Maybe dancer as they fade away.

Call Me Maybe: Just when the Beauty And A Beat dancer is about to kiss the Call Me Maybe dancer's hand, she pulls his hand and takes him away.


  • The code names for the coaches in the files are modified from the original code names: Beauty And A Beat appears as BodyRock and Call Me Maybe appears as LoveYouLike (the actual code name for Love You Like A Love Song). This may be to distinguish the difference between the original and modified battle dancers.[zitat benötigt]



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