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"Bebe" von Divine Brown ist tanzbar in Just Dance.

Appearance of the Dancer

Bebe coach 1 big

The dancer is a girl who resembles a kid. She has neon pink hair tied with red bows in two pigtails, and she wears a red-and-magenta one-piece dress which includes a frilly blouse and a bow. She also wears a pair of red socks within her pink slippers.


Just Dance

The background shows blue and light blue alternating stripes and a black floor.

Just Dance Now

In the remake, the floor reflects the wall, which is more animated. The lines illuminate and follow the coach's moves.


  • The dancer looks and acts like a kid, although this song is about break-ups.
  • The final few seconds of the song was cut, rendering the length from 3:14 to just under three minutes.
  • Tipsy is not censored, even though is a synonymous of being drunk.
  • While the coach is playing patty cake in the air and jumping rope, vulgar words are exchanged over the phone although they are censored. It was already censored in the song before its addition into Just Dance.
    • This makes it the first censored song in the whole series. However, it's not censored properly, because later games use warp sounds and three dots (with an exception of Just Dance 3), while this one doesn't, this use the traditional "beep".
  • Most original Just Dance tracks feature the sound of drumsticks just before the song starts. Here, instead of drumstick, clapping is heard. This is the only song to have a clapping sound effect as opposed to drumsticks.
  • The colors on the coach's dress appear different in the menu than in the actual routine.
  • In the Just Dance Now remake, the hair is glitchy and some points of it turn white whenever they go on the coach's face.




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