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"Best Song Ever" von One Direction ist tanzbar in Just Dance 2015 und 舞力全开2015.

Appearance of the Dancers

The routine involves a dance crew of four young men. All of them wear dark blue catsuits with matching shoes. they look like superheroes.


P1's suit is mostly pink, and he is seen wearing a blue visor.


P2's suit is mostly green, and he is wearing a dark blue headband with a green streak.


P3's suit is mostly cyan. He is also wearing a blue visor.


P4's suit is mostly red. He is wearing a blue headband with a red streak across.


The background is a bright cloudy sky with the moon exposed. At "oh oh oh," it quickly transitions to a dark blue background with colourful rays of light flying about. As the gold moves occur, a row of pink, green, sky blue, and red panels appear behind the matching dancers. Afterwards, the original cloudy background moves upwards into a darker scene.

Gold Moves


There are 4 Gold Moves for each of the coaches in the Classic routine:

  • P1: Look to the left and keep your body forward with your arms behind you.
  • P2: Bend and cross your right leg (switches to left once) and extend your arms down.
  • P3: Throw your arms in the air and lift your right leg.
  • P4: Punch the air with your right fist, keeping your left arm by your side.
    • The second and fourth gold moves occur during the end of the chorus.
    • The first and third gold moves occur during the verses.


There are 3 Gold Moves in the Mashup:
Gold Move 1: Slightly kneel on your left leg with both hands by your hips (María (Sweat)).
Gold Move 2: Lower both of your arms (Follow The Leader (Sweat)).
Gold Move 3: Raise your arms slowly from below (Flashdance … What A Feeling).


Best Song Ever has an unlockable Mashup with the theme Fitness. It takes the role of a Sweat Mashup. It is the only "Sweat Mashup" in Just Dance 2015.


(No repeats)

[GM#] - indicates a Gold Move. The # refers to the Gold Move's number.

Appearances in Mashups

Best Song Ever appears in the following mashup:


  • This is the fifth song by One Direction in the series; it follows What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, Kiss You, and One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks). It is followed by No Control.
    • This is the third song by One Direction that is a dance crew, after What Makes You Beautiful and Kiss You from Just Dance 2014; it is followed by No Control.
  • This routine uses the official choreography of the song's last chorus in the official music video.
  • At the end of the song, you can see the astronaut of Only You (And You Alone) in the far background.
  • In the fitness mashup, which consists almost entirely of sweat dancers, the coach in Flashdance ... What a Feeling is the only one not to have originated from any sweat modes.
  • The final moves for Limbo's Sweat Mode in the Fitness Mashup come after the song ends.
  • The Fitness Mashup for this song is the only actual Sweat Mashup in the entirety of Just Dance 2015.
  • In the menu icon, their positions are different than in the actual routine; they are displayed as (from the left to the right): P2-P3-P1-P4.



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