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"Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim Remix)" von Beastie Boys ist tanzbar in Just Dance 2 und Just Dance: Greatest Hits.


Bodymoving coach 1 big
The dancer, a woman, is wearing a headband, a teal short sleeved shirt with a black leotard, and a yellow belt around the leotard. She is wearing a pair of green sneakers and black and teal wrist bands. She now has a purple outline.


The background is in the layout of a gym. There are lockers, barbell and neon caption "Body Movin'" glowing in light green color, with a boy flexing his muscles and two tigers at his sides.

Gold Moves

The song has 4 Gold Moves:
Gold Move 1 & 4: Act like you are spinning a record with both of your hands.
Gold Move 2: Point to the screen with both of your hands.
Gold Move 3 (JD2): Put both of your hands up.
Gold Move 3 (JDNOW): put your left arm up and your right arm near your chin.[1]

Appearances in Mashups

Body Movin' appears in the following Mashups:


Body Movin' appears in Puppet Master Modes and Party Master Modes. Here are the captions attributed to the dance moves.

  • Body Punch
  • Not At All
  • Rower


  • The dancer reappears as P1 in Hungarian Dance No. 5 on Just Dance 3. It also has a different color scheme.
  • The ship is docking, interlocking, freak and wine are not censored, despite having risque meanings.
  • Oh, excuse me! replaces Ooh, goddamn!.
  • As with Call Me, there was going to be visible facial features in the remake. This was later changed.
  • The dancer looks farther away from the screen on the Just Dance Now icon.
  • In the Just Dance Now remake, Gold Move 3 consists off a totally different move. This is the first time a part of the choreography is changed in its remake.




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