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"Calling All the Monsters" von China Anne McClain ist tanzbar in Just Dance: Disney Party.


The lead dancer wears a pink glitter tunic, gray leggings and black boots.

The first backup dancer wears a red-and-white plaid jacket, white shirt, and brown pants. He is later replaced with a vampire, who wears a white shirt, red vest & cape, and black pants.

The second backup dancer is a boy with a ripped tuxedo. He is later replaced with a girl that wears a black dress with spider webs.


This is a haunted mansion. During verse 1, the dancers are in the main hallway. When the second verse starts, the scenery then changes to a balcony.

Gold Moves

There are two gold moves in this routine; both of them are the same.

All gold moves: Shake your hands like you're afraid.


All Gold Moves


  • This song is on the ANT Farm soundtrack, which was released in October 2011.
  • The outfit that the lead dancer wears is similar to the one China Anna McClain wore in the music video.


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