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"Can't Get You Out of My Head" von Kylie Minogue ist tanzbar in Just Dance.

Appearance of the Dancer

Cantgetyou coach 1 big

The coach, a woman, has short blue curly hair. She has a slim figure, and is seen wearing a blue single-sleeved one-piece dress with a dark blue collar and frills, a pair of blue fingerless gloves, and a pair of blue boots. She also has what seem to be dark blue bands on her elbows.


The background is a blue room that has light blue laser lights and flying triangles of the same color.

Appearances in Mashups

Can't Get You Out of My Head is featured in the following Mashup:


Can't Get You Out of My Head appears in Puppet Master Modes. Here are the captions attributed to her dance moves:

  • Back To Blue
  • Going Nowhere
  • Good Bye
  • Ironing
  • Watching You


  • On the Just Dance menu, the dancer's dress is slightly darker, as seen in the photo below.
  • Before the game was released, the dancer had a different outfit to match the music video. It was the beta version, but for unknown reasons the team filmed another routine with the short dress seen in the final game.
  • The words "La la la" aren't written in the lyrics.
  • "Every" is spelled two different ways in the song. The first is ev'ry as said in "Ev'ry night." The next says "Every day". This happens due to the fact Kylie Minogue says the second one slower.
  • Wesley Enriquez designed a dress called Expressionless Dress for the video game Animal Crossing New Leaf which is inspired from this song.
  • This is the second song to make its only appearance in Just Dance to have files in Just Dance Now. It follows I Get Around and is followed by Cotton Eye Joe.
    • However, the files for this song still lack Gold Moves.
  • A move is reused in Kids in America and Lump.
  • This is the second song that in the Just Dance Now’s files to not have gold moves in them. The first one is I Get Around, which would later receive gold moves.



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