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"Careless Whisper" von George Michael ist tanzbar in Just Dance 2014 und Just Dance Wii U.




P1 is a man with long black hair. He wears a light pink jacket which covers a light blue shirt, as well as a pair of black pants, a black wristband, a pair of purplish sunglasses, and a pair of blue-violet shoes.


P2 is a woman with long flowing blonde hair. She wears a blue necklace, a pair of blue high heels, a sleeveless purple dress, and a silver wristband. Both dancers have a blue outline.


The lead dancer is a male with a gold glitter jacket, black pants, black shoes, brown hair, and a purple glove, who actually resembles George Michael. The backup dancers are females, the left one wearing a light pink long-sleeve dress and the right one wearing a long sleeve jumper (in that same shade of pink), and both wearing black ankle strap heels and matching gloves. The left girl's hair is straight and the right girl's hair is poofy, both of them have black hair. The left girl is wearing a hot pink headband. All three dancers have a gold outline.



Various pictures appear inside heart shaped outlines. These pictures include a sunset on a body of water, birds, palm trees, clouds and other peaceful pictures. These pictures stick with the "warm" color scheme with a few exceptions that have some hints of "cool" colors. At certain points blinders appear behind the dancers with two female silhouettes playing the saxophone.


The on-stage mode had the background that all the other On-Stage mode choreographies have. The lights move and flash slower and their colors are blue and orange.

Gold Moves

Classic Mode

There are a total of 6 Gold Moves in the Classic routine, all of which are the same:

All: Turn around holding the face of each other.

On-Stage Mode

There is only one 1 Gold Move in the On-Stage routine:

Only Gold Move: Put your arms out (The lead dancer does it while kneeling).


  • The male dancer looks like Michael Jackson and the female dancer looks like Paris Hilton.
  • The song's on-stage mode was the only one on the game with a male lead dancer until the On-Stage mode of #thatPOWER got released as DLC.
  • This is first song by George Michael. But it's his second song if you count him in his band Wham! after Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.
  • There was a beta version of the On-Stage Mode, where in the announcement trailer, the On-Stage version of Careless Whisper can briefly be seen at 1:20, the dancers' color schemes are strongly different; the lead dancer is wearing a red jacket instead of a yellow one, and the backup dancers are dressed in darker pink. The most curious thing is that after 8 seconds, they appear again with the color scheme in the final version.
  • This song is the second song with the lowest BPM (beats per minute), only beaten by Only You (And You Alone).
  • The saxophonist in the background may be from Mr. Saxobeat.
  • This is the first time in which the female dancer of a duet is taller than the male dancer. The second time this happened was in Get Low and the third occurrence was in Speedy Gonzales.
  • The song was shortened by about a full minute.



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