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Cheerleaders Boot Camp
Game(s) Just Dance 4
Genre Extreme Training /
Punk Rock Music
10+ Min Workout Garage Rehearsal
20+ Min Workout Club Concert
45+ Min Workout Stadium Show
Dancer Gender Female (♀)
Pictogram Color Green
Glove Color Black
Pictogram Count
Code Name
Choreographed By
Performed By Céline Baron

"Cheerleaders Boot Camp" ist ein Just Sweat Programm, in Just Dance 4 erhältlich.


Workout Half Dancer Cheerleader.png

The dancer for this program is a female.


In the Warm-Up, she has orange hair that is in a punk hairstyle. a blue denim vest, a silver necklace, a lime green shirt that has holes in it, a pair of blue and white camouflage pants, along with some dark blue combat boots, and a black fingerless glove.

Intense and Cool

In the Intense and Cool part of the program, she is wearing the same clothes she is wearing in the Warm-Up part, but sometimes, her vest might be gone. and her pants might have another shade of blue.

Cool Down

In the Cool Down part of the program, she is wearing the same clothes she is wearing in the Warm-Up part. This time, nothing is missing from her outfit.


The background appears to take place in a football field with the letters of the Just Dance logo that sometimes light up. There are two silhouetted cheerleaders, a magenta neon helmet, and a yellow neon guitar.

Dance Quests

  • Finish "Garage Rehearsal"
  • Finish "Club Concert"
  • Finish "Stadium Show"
  • Get all sections in Intense
  • Get a 3 💧 score
  • Get a 5 💧 score

Appearances in Mashups

Cheerleaders Boot Camp appears in the following Mashups:


  • The dancer looks similar to So What, and wears a similar outfit, although this dancer has different color schemes.
  • In the Warm-Up, the cheerleaders shout and spell Just Dance, like cheerleaders would do in real life.
  • In the Warm-Up, the dance jumps up into the air and freezes. This also happens at the end of the routine in Baby One More Time.
  • The elements of the background bear a resemblance to Hot For Me's background, as they both contain cheerleaders and take place in a stadium.



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