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"Circus" von Britney Spears ist tanzbar in Just Dance 2016.[3]



The routine is performed by an all-female dance crew who wear circus-related fashion.


P1 is a clown. She has a light blue and lavender afro, heavy black eyeshadow, a red neck covering, a lavender/light blue clown outfit with a red midsection, leg suspenders, lavender leggings with red polka dots and black high heel boots, and an arm covering representing the glove.


P2 is the lion tamer. She is seen wearing a black ponytail with cat ears and red facepaint. She has a red tiger-pattern one-piece suit with the left leg off. She has red high heels on.


P3 is a romantic harlequin. She has an orange bob with a mini witch hat with a large yellow cotton ball. Over her left eye there is blue face paint in the shape of a diamond. She has a yellow-and-blue diamond pattern outfit. She has red pants on with a blue left leg and a yellow right leg. She wears black high heel boots.


P4 is the ringleader. She has dark curly hair and wears a black top hat. She has a long black coat on over a black bra. She has black high waisted short shorts on. Seen in large high def images, she wears fishnet tights. She also wears strapped-on high heels.

Extreme Version


The extreme dancer is a woman. She wears glittery purple pants with black high heels. She wears a tank top with orange and black stripes, which has long sleeves. She has blonde hair, which is neck-length. She also wears a purple glittery police hat.



The routine takes place on what looks like a circus stage. There are multiple spirals on the floor that starts out pink in the bridge but turns red during the chorus. During the rest of the song, it is purple with blue circles. When the dancers move around the stage to change positions, the spirals move with them as well. The platforms behind the dancers also light up sometimes in tune with the beat. Flames can be seen in the background when the word "Circus" is sung in the lyrics. At the same time when it is said, the very back of the stage lights up to reveal the word Circus.

Extreme Version

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Gold Moves


There are 4 Gold Moves in the Classic routine:
Gold Moves 1 and 3: This Gold Move is a right-to-left Wave Gold Move. P4, raise your right arm; P3, Point to P4 with both hands; P2, Point at the screen with your right hand; P1, Point your right hand towards your right ear, and your left hand at the screen.
Gold Move 2: P1, P2 and P3, strike your right hand at an angle towards the right. P4, crack a whip.
Gold Move 4: It is similar to the first Gold Move but is done together.

Extreme Version

There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine, all of which are the same:
All Gold Moves: Raise your right arm.


There are 6 Gold Moves in the Mashup:
Gold Move 1: Right arm moves forward and down slowly. (Beauty And A Beat)
Gold Moves 2 and 5: Arms bounce outward. (Beauty And A Beat)
Gold Moves 3 and 6: Put your right hand over your right eye. (Just Dance)
Gold Move 4: When your on your knees jump up and point to the screen. (Walk This Way [Old School])


Circus has a Mashup with the theme Show-Off, which can be unlocked for 1000 Mojocoins. It features dancers perceived as performers.


(No repeats)


  • This is the fifth song by Britney Spears in the series, after Womanizer, Toxic, Baby One More Time, and Oops!...I Did It Again.
    • This is the first song by Britney Spears in the series that has been left in its original state (uncovered).
  • The routine has recycled moves from Never Can Say Goodbye, Lights and Fun.
  • In the chorus, the dancers' skin turns pinker due to the pink lighting.
  • This is the third Britney Spears song to feature an all-female dance crew; it is preceded by Baby One More Time and Oops!...I Did It Again.
  • This is the third circus-themed song in the series, after Funhouse and 4x4.
  • In the Behind the Track preview, this became the fifth track to have Alkis wear something related to the routine, the other songs are I Gotta Feeling, Let's Groove, Fancy, and Boys (Summertime Love).
  • This is the eighth time in the main series where a Dance Crew only contains female dancers, and the third time in which it occurs in a song originally performed by Britney Spears.
  • This is Britney Spears' first song in the series since Oops!...I Did It Again.
    • Coincidentally, that song was referenced by Alkis in the Behind-the-Track interview for this song after a man yells out that somebody stole the costumes, and he starts singing the song.
  • When P4 performs the whip-crack Gold Move, the screen shakes slightly.
  • Similar to Miss Understood and Maneater, the clown has black makeup around her eyes which make her pupils visible.
  • According to the BTS footage, it has been proven that Mehdi Kerkouche was the offscreen choreographer.
  • Some of the choreography is taken from the music video.
  • Additionally, P4 resembles Britney Spears in the Circus music video while the other dancers resemble the backup dancers.
  • P1 was teased on Facebook through a colored silhouette.
  • P3's avatar has red hair while the coach has orange hair.




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