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"Could You Be Loved" von Bob Marley ist tanzbar in Just Dance 2014.


Both of the dancers are young females.


P1 is a child. Her hair is dark brown and fluffy. She is wearing a blue tank which covers an orange sleeveless shirt, as well as a pair of yellow tights with animals on them, and a pair of red sport shoes.


P2 is likely a teenager. She has brown fluffy hair which resembles P1's, except that it is much longer. She is wearing a yellow and maroon zebra-striped shirt, cream-white and maroon triangle shorts, and a pair of blue shoes.


The background is yellow with burnt orange circle patterns that look like kaleidoscopic flowers. There's also blue unrolling lines that cover some of the yellow background. At some parts there are different coloured dancing silhouettes of people, mostly males.

Gold Moves

There is only One Gold Move in this routine:
Only Gold Move: Throw your arms out. P1 does this to the left, and P2, to the right.


Could You Be Loved has a Mashup on Just Dance 2014 that can only be unlocked in March. The Mashup has no Gold Moves.


(No Repetitions)

Appearances in Mashups

Could You Be Loved appears in the following Mashup:


  • P1 is the same as P2 from Blame It On The Boogie.
  • As per expected, hell from So go to hell is censored.
  • The lyrics Love your brotherman are omitted on both the Classic routine and the Mashup.



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