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"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" von Queen ist tanzbar in Just Dance 3 , Just Dance Now, und Just Dance Unlimited.

Appearance of the Dancers


P1, is a woman, wearing a pink dress with a blue belt. Her jacket and hair are a very dark blue-green color. The female is also wearing a pink diadem and blue earrings and high-heels.


P2, is a man, dressed in mostly dark blue-green colours, but he's wearing a pair of pink glasses, a pink belt and a blue jacket. His hair is dark green like P1.


The dancers are at a rainy Movie Drive-In in the evening. The movie on display appears to be about the two dancers and is styled like an old silent movie.

Gold Moves

There are 4 Gold Moves in the routine, all of which are the same:

  • All Gold Moves (P1): Put your right hand on your head and your left hand on your hip.
  • All Gold Moves (P2): Point at P1 with both of your hands.


  • This is the only Queen song in the series.
  • The dancers bear similarities with the beta dancers on the PAL cover.
  • Unlike several of the other remade songs, the dancers appear on the remade square with poses different from their original square.
  • In the Just Dance Now pictogram sprite, there is a beta pictogram. It represents a move that isn't counted for during the choreo.
    • However, the pictogram is shown on the Wii version of Just Dance 3 and Just Dance Now, despite it having the arrow made in Just Dance 2 style (with the arrows at both sides of the line).
  • In a Beta picture, P2 has a different haircut.



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