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"Crocodile Rock" von Nelly Furtado und Elton John, bedeckt von The Just Dance Kids, ist tanzbar in Just Dance Kids 2.


The first dancer wears a white T-shirt, a purple vest, purple and white plaid shorts, and purple shoes. He has a purple hat on his head resembling a sheet that is covering his black hair.

The second dancer is the lead dancer. She has a red and white plaid bonnet covering her two black braids and wears a red blouse under a white shirt. She also wears a red skirt, long white socks, and black flats.

The third dancer wears an outfit like the first dancer's, but his clothes are orange instead of purple. He has a hat on his head that resembles a carrot top.


Is a garden with coloured flowers and animals like plants. The plants resemble a giraffe and an elephant.

Gold Moves

There are four gold moves, which are all the same.

All Gold Moves: Turn to the right and move your arms up and down like a crocodile mouth.

Only Gold Move


  • This song is from the film Gnomeo & Juliet.
  • The dancers mess up a move. When it says to move your hand in the air like a snake (pictograms), the dancers just punch the air upward, then they punch the air downward.


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