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"Dancing Diva" (舞娘) von Jolin Tsai (bedeckt von The Girly Team in der Xbox One Version) ist tanzbar in 舞力全开2015


Dancingdivachn coach 1 big.png

The dancer is a woman with light purple hair and a gold dress with shoulder pads. There are two strings on each of her wrists which dangle to her movements.

During the chorus, her hair turns into a darker shade of purple and is tied in a ponytail. She is also then seen in a wine-purple woolly sleeveless leotard. There are two unconnected sleeves on both her arms. There is also a golden rope which curls around her left leg, and she is seen in a pair of dark pink high heels.

During the entire routine, she can be seen casting light purple flames with her body.


The routine takes place in a desert at night. Holograms of the dancer in golden and purple flames also show up near the dancer herself. What seems to be Northern lights can also be seen with the dunes.

During the chorus, flashing shapes and patterns can be seen lighting up the darkness, which revolve around her.

At the bridge, colorful, wavy lines appear and swirl around the dancer.

Gold Moves

There are 4 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Moves 1 and 2: Circle your arms in a counterclockwise direction.
Gold Move 3: Place your arm upwards.
Gold Move 4: Place the right arm near your face, and the left around your chest.


  • The lint on the first costume is sometimes transparent.
  • This is the first song that The Girly Team has covered outside of the main series.
  • Though the original title was in Traditional Chinese (舞孃) (as Jolin is a Taiwan-based musician), the title used in-game is in Simplified Chinese (舞娘).
  • This routine reuses a move from Bad Romance (both Classic and Alternate) and the one from the Applause (Alternate).
  • C1's hair looks like P3 of Crucified and P2 of Dancing Queen.
  • The choreography used is taken from the official one, however it has been simplified. In the music video, the choreography was done with a number of extra moves and more energy but in the game, the moves are done in an easier way.
  • In the lyrics, there is a formatting error: there is one line where the Chinese character "为" (wèi) is only displayed as a rectangle. In the PS4 version, it is displayed as a question mark.
  • This cover used is shorter than the original by about 40 seconds.
  • Different versions of the song may be heard depending on the gameplay. In the menu, Jolin Tsai is credited; however in coach selection, The Girly Team is credited.
  • The coach is affected by many glitches: for example, their eyes turn black if her hand is close to them, and, in the bridge, her back slightly becomes light blue and her left shoe becomes white.
  • The flame effect that is used on the dancer is recycled in Cool for the Summer.
  • The Xbox One version of the game and Just Dance Now use The Girly Team's cover, while the PS4 version uses the original version by Jolin Tsai.
  • If you try to get a no GUI gameplay of this song in Just Dance Now files, you'll get a video showing a Chinese woman (likely Jolin Tsai) dancing to this routine; behind her, there is a TV broadcasting the music video of the song. This may be a VIP routine.
    • Strangely, the cover by The Girly Team is used.
      • Plus, the dance doesn't keep in rythm with the song.




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