"Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin (covered by The Bench Men in-game), is featured on Just Dance 2015, Just Dance Now and Just Dance 2015 China.


The routine is performed by a trio of three elderly men.


  • Brown hair and beard
  • Brown fedora
  • Large black glasses
  •  Bright red jacket
  • Brown diamond vest
  • Red pants
  • Brown shoes
  • Brown cane


  • Brown hair tied up
  • Large black glasses
  • Blue track jacket
  • Red polo shirt
  • Olive green pants
  • Blue socks and black loafers


  • Brown hair
  • Brown beret
  • Black, pink, and blue diamond shirt
  • Brown shorts
  • Pink sock and brown shoes


The background is an orange autumn-day park. The dancers are sitting on a bench. The tree background bears similarities to that of Beat Match Until I'm Blue and Cardiac Caress. A playground set consisting of a slide, a rocking horse and a swing set can also be seen deep in the background.

Gold Moves

There are two gold moves for each player. In terms of players, they're somewhat far apart.

  • P2's Gold Moves: At the first verse, fall into P3's arms.
  • P1's Gold Moves: At the second verse, hop over P1, and then over P2.
  • P3's Gold Moves: At the third verse, pretend to trip over.

Appearances in Mashups

Don't Worry Be Happy is featured in the following Mashup:


  • This is the first a-capella song (without any instrumental base) in the series.
  • This is the first routine that involves elderly-like dancers.
  • This song has a unique way of arranging gold moves - each dancer has two gold moves, and each dancer does them in a different verse.
  • The song is covered by The Bench Men, as there is a bench in the background.
  • Unlike most of the conventional Gold Moves (which have a golden outline), the Gold Moves' Pictograms for this routine have a pink outline. This may be because of the mostly golden background.
  • P3's arm turns blue during the Gold Move when he catches P1.
  • P2 had an alternate pose for when choosing players of the song in Just Dance Now.
  • This is the third song from Just Dance 2015, after Happy and the ill-fated Fatima, to make an appearance in Just Dance Now.
    • It is the first song from Just Dance 2015 to last more than 7 days on Just Dance Now.
  • In Just Dance Now, this song is in the Quartets section, even though it is a trio. This may be because there isn't a trio section, since the game was created before the Just Dance 2015 release.
    • It was later removed from the Quartets section.
  • This is the first trio routine to appear in Just Dance Now.
  • Most of the gold moves in this routine would be hard to do if dancing alone.
  • P2's gold move is very similar to the gold moves of Candy and Only You (And You Alone). It's also similar to a move from Me And My Broken Heart.
  • P1 and P2 appeared in the beta icons of some cups in Dance Quest.[1]




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