Electro Body Combat
Game(s) Just Dance 4
Genre Cardio Fighting Exercise /
Electro Music
10+ Min Workout Amateur Match
20+ Min Workout Pro Competition
45+ Min Workout World Championship
Dancer Gender Male (♂)
Pictogram Color Orange
Glove Color Brown
Pictogram Count
Code Name
Choreographed By
Performed By Mehdi Kerkouche

"Electro Body Combat" is a Sweat Program featured in Just Dance 4.


Half Sweat Dancer

The dancer is a man who resembles a training fighter. He has brown hair, a black, orange and red hoodie, black and orange pants, maroon combat boots and a maroon glove. His outline color is electric blue. 


The background is a dark aqua room surrounded by speakers and circles. Throughout the routine, the speakers and circles light up. Multicolored stripes will also appear in the background. There are also a few lights that can be seen.

Dance Quests

  • Finish "Amateur Match"
  • Finish "Pro Competition"
  • Finish "World Championship"
  • Get all sections in Intense
  • Get a 3 💧 score
  • Get a 5 💧 score

Appearances in Mashups

Electro Body Combat appears in the following Mashup:


  • Uppercut
  • Knee Kick
  • Punch 'n' Kick


  • When the dancer punches or kicks, lightning comes out of his fist or foot.
  • The routines are performed by Mehdi Kerkouche.
  • A cover of the music is played during the Behind the Scenes video for Just Dance 2015.
  • In one of the cool routines, the dancer uses a white light up katana, akin to the With a Katana mode of Tribal Dance. The mode where he uses it is not available on all consoles.
  • This and Sweat Around The World are the only programs without a calorie count of 220 in the 45+ Minute Program and also the only ones that don't have a 50 calorie count in the 10+ Minute program.
  • The coach is wider when he appears in a Puppet Master Mode.
  • This song is used in the teaser of June15/August5 for Just Dance 2016.
  • A voice says the moves from the coach like 'uppercut' 'punch' ' k.o.' and others, similar to Skin-To-Skin and Just Mario.



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