"Epic Sirtaki" by The Bouzouki's is featured on Just Dance 2015, Just Dance Now, Just Dance 2016 (as a Uplay unlockable) and Just Dance 2015 China.


The routine is performed by a trio of three men. All three of them wear light blue Greek sirtaki outfits and different coloured hats which are attached with tassels of varying colours. P1's hat is candy pink, P2's hat is sky blue, and P3's hat is red.


The background seems to be a theater for a show. The ground seems to be wooden. There is an ocean mural as well as some cutout waves. The building on an island in the far background switches during a break and never returns after that. The second scene shows a Greek statue and a huge tree. The end of the routine shows a curtain call, which confirms that the dancers were dancing on a stage.

Gold Moves

There are 2 Gold Moves for each coach in the routine. The following shows how each Gold Move should be carried out for each of the coaches:

Gold Move 1

  • P1: Spank your left foot.
  • P3: Done similarly to P1's Gold Move, except this time, raise your left arm.
  • P2: Squat down and close your arms. Then, open both arms out and jump up, kicking with your left foot.

Gold Move 2

  • P1: Kneel on your left knee and open your arms.
  • P2: Stand on both of your feet and throw your arms out.
  • P3: Done similarly to P1's Gold Move, but in the opposite direction.

Appearances in Mashups

Epic Sirtaki appears in the following mashup:


  • This was one of few songs to have been revealed only in the tracklist reveal, in that there were no song title leaks or previews prior to the tracklist reveal.
  • This makes it the first non-recycled completely instrumental song, along with Tetris in the same game, since the launch of coloured lyrics in the main series.
  • Along with Tetris, this is one of two instrumental songs to be covered.



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