"Fatima" by Sylvain Lux & Ilan Abou (covered by Cheb Salama in-game), is featured on Just Dance 2015, Just Dance 2015 China and Just Dance Now.


Fatima coach 1
  • Black curly hair
  • Gold feather headband
  • Gold sequin crop top
  • Gold shorts with a long pink sparkly skirt
  • Gold anklets


The routine takes place in front of a wall of colorful kaleidoscopes of shapes and colours.

Gold Move

There are only 1 Gold Move in this routine:

Only Gold Move: Hop and swing both of your arms upward.


Fatima has an unlockable Mashup with the theme World Music that can be unlocked during March. It features cultural dancers.


(No repeats)

Appearances in Mashups

Fatima is featured in the following Mashups:

  • Fatima (World Music)
  • Dark Horse (Mystic Princesses)


  • At 1 min 50 seconds, this is the shortest song on Just Dance 2015, being shorter than Tetris by 30 seconds.
  • The dancer holds onto the left side of her skirt for the entire routine.
  • French words are sung during the song. Mentioned in the lyrics are "histoire d'amour" which means "love story."
  • The song is in Arabic, and most likely a Moroccan or Algerian dialect.
  • The song's real name is Enti Mek Toubi and the original singer is Sylvain Lux.
  • This song is from the French movie Qu'est-Ce Qu'on A Fait Au Bon Dieu ? which roughly translates to What Have We Done to You, Good God? 
  • This was the first song from Just Dance 2015 since Happy to be featured in Just Dance Now.
    • As with Happy and Roar, it has been removed from Just Dance Now.
    • However, Happy was added again later.



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