"Flashdance ... What A Feeling" by Irene Cara (covered by The Girly Team in-game), is featured on Just Dance 2014 and Just Dance Now.



The dancer is a young woman with the following features:

  • Brown fluffy hair
  • In the beginning, a fluffy skirt that she takes off after her silhouette.
  • A red one-sleeved leotard
  • A blue belt
  • High wine leg warmers
  • Purple outline


The background looks like a gym, with a wooden floor. There are mirrors which reflect blue and gold raindrops.

Gold Moves


There are 3 Gold Moves in the Classic routine:
Gold Moves 1 and 2: Raise your arms slowly from below.
Gold Move 3: Touch your feet while doing a jumping split. This is the final move for the routine.


The Mashup has only one Gold Move:
Gold Move: The jumping split from the Classic routine. This is the final move for the Mashup.


Flashdance... What A Feeling has a Mashup.


(no repeats):

Party Master Mode

Flashdance... What a Feeling has a Party Master Mode which can only be found on the Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Here are the captions in order of appearance:

(Captions in bold indicate a Song Switch.)

Appearances in Mashups

Flashdance ... What A Feeling is featured in the following Mashups:


  • This is probably the only song in Just Dance 2014 that the song's dancer appears in it's mashup more than twice (beginning and end).
  • This is the second song on Just Dance 2014 that is from a film, this is from the film Flashdance; it is followed by Prince Ali from Disney's Aladdin.
  • The dancer can be seen in the E3 trailer, although her hair is ponytailed and she isn't silhouetted.
  • The dancer highly resembles the actual dancer from Flashdance.
  • The gold rain is recycled from the Umbrella background.
  • This is the second song by Irene Cara; Fame was the first.
    • However, this song is covered by the The Girly Team while Fame is covered by In The Style of Irene Cara.
  • Strangely enough, the mirrors in the gym do not have a reflection of the dancer.
  • This routine reuses a move from Beauty And A Beat.
  • The dancer's legs can be easily seen through the skirt that she wears at the beginning.
  • The dancer's shadow (during the beginning of the routine) was removed in Love Me Again's Mashup.
  • If you explore the files for this song, you can notice that there is an Unused Gold Move and Gold Move 2 was not counted as a Gold Move.
  • The routine reuses a move from Celebration (which is in the Just Dance Kids series).




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