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"Footloose" by Kenny Loggins is featured on Just Dance Kids 2014.


The main coach is a boy with the following features:

  • Short brown hair
  • Bordeaux and black sleeveless checkered shirt
  • Pink tank top underneath
  • Grey short jeans
  • Blue Converse

Then, the coach switches into other coaches from the game:

  • A girl with brown hair in a tail, red headband, light yellow T-shirt, grey shorts, pink leggins and blue shoes
  • The teacher from Shout
  • A boy with blonde hair, white T-shirt, jeans and red Converse
  • A girl with brown hair, a red headband, orange baggy T-shirt, white T-shirt underneath, ripped up jeans with a blue belt, pink socks and black shoes
  • The coach from Power Ups
  • The rabbit from I Like to Move It
  • P2 from The Hustle
  • The raccoon from We Go Well Together
  • P1 from The Hustle
  • P1 from Do You Love Me


It looks like a field. The dancers dance on a dirt pathway with tractor tracks on it. On the sides of the path is green and brown grass. There is a water tower in the back and the sky looks like a regular daytime sky with lots of clouds.

Gold Moves

There is only 1 Gold Move in the routine.

Only Gold Move: Put your right hand in the air.

Jdk14 footloose gm

Only Gold Move


  • Although the transforming dancers make it seem like a mashup, this song's choreography is unique all throughout the song; there are just different dancers doing the same choreography.
    • This is still the first and only time when dancers transform into other in-game dancers (akin to Mashups) on a game that isn't part of the main series.
    • It's also the first song in the whole series in which a character that wasn't originally playable becomes playable in this routine (in this case, the teacher from Shout and the raccoon from We Go Well Together).
    • It's also the first routine in the whole series in which one of the returning coaches is dressed in a different way (in this case, P2 from Walking on Sunshine).
  • With both the difficulty and effort being 3, this is one of the hardest routines on Just Dance Kids 2014, alongside with Hit The Lights.
  • One of the dancers wears a bacon shirt, probably a non-intentional reference to Kevin Bacon.
  • This dance has the most dancer changes in the whole series.
  • Both players from The Hustle have a different colour scheme.



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