"Fun" by Pitbull ft. Chris Brown is featured on Just Dance 2016[2] and Just Dance Now.


Fun coach 1 big
The dancer is a woman with long purple hair. She is in a flowing peach cocktail dress (inspired by Jennifer Lopez) and has golden necklaces around her neck. She is seen with a golden belt and purple underwear. She also wears green high heels.


The background seems to be on a highway bridge, which is purple. In this shot of the background are black palm trees and purple buildings. The background drags from right to left. The bridge later turns blue, and the buildings flash various colors, sometimes at the dancer's will. At the chorus, the word FUN appears in the background on a hotel. Similar to songs from earlier Just Dance titles, the floor is reflective. In the Behind-the-Track interview, Véronique said that the routine was meant as a tribute to Miami.

Gold Moves

There are 4 Gold Moves in this routine, all of which are the same.

All: Bring your arms out and raise your left leg.


  • This is Pitbull's fifth song in the series, following On the Floor, Feel This Moment, Can't Get Enough and Timber.
  • This is Chris Brown's second song in the series, after Fine China.
  • According to the song's Behind the Track interview, the dancer's outfit is inspired by Jennifer Lopez's cocktail dress.[3]
  • This song ties with 4x4, ABC, 7 8 9 and UFO for the shortest title of any song in the series, with only 3 letters.
    • However, this is the first title to be an actual word rather than just numbers or letters.
  • The dancer resembles P1 from Boogie Wonderland.
  • The dancer smiles for the whole routine, similar to earlier routines such as Take On Me and Price Tag.
  • The dancer reuses a move from Problem.
  • The dancer was used as a silhouette on Facebook to tease the Gamescom songs.
  • The dancer resembles a girl in the music video for the same song.
  • The style of the choreography was also inspired by the music video.
  • The placeholder pictograms founded in the files indicate that the coach had a Beta color scheme.
  • "Heels" and "thong" (in Don't take it all off, keep your heels and thong, which refers to nudity) are censored.
    • The word "and" which separates "heels" and "thong" cannot be heard.
  • Part of the gameplay can be seen in an advertisement for Very.[4]




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