"Funkytown" by Lipps Inc. (covered by Sweat Invaders in-game), is featured on the Best Buy edition of Just Dance 2, Just Dance Summer Party/Extra Songs, Just Dance Now, Just Dance Kids and Just Dance Unlimited. In Just Dance Kids, the cover is done by The Just Dance Kids in-game.


Funkytown coach 1 big


The dancer appears to be an alien that looks like a frog wearing a green suit with a Saturn logo. He also has a white belt with a futurist ray weapon.

Just Dance Now

In the Just Dance Now remake, the color scheme for the dancer is darker and he is more realistic.


The background appears to take place in an old film. There are UFO ships flying around, as if there is an invasion going on, and one of the UFOs are shooting beams. Plus, there is a farm on the ground and there are aliens walking around.

Just Dance Now

Nothing is changed. However, the colors for the background has been changed from black and white to sepia.

Gold Moves

There are four Gold Moves in the routine, all of which are the same.

All: Flap your arms. All four are done consecutively during the chorus.

Appearances in Mashups

Funkytown appears in the following Mashups:


Funkytown appears in Puppet/Party Master Modes. Here are the captions attributed to his dance moves:

  • Frog On Fire
  • Funky Frog
  • Funky Walk
  • Funny Frog


  • The background appears in Rock Lobster.
  • In the Jamaican Dance Mashup, three of this track's Gold Moves have been removed.
  • When the dancer uses his tongue as a violin, it can actually be seen that during the third repetition, his tongue comes out from the left side of his head and not from his mouth. He's playing the violin with his ear.
  • In Just Dance Unlimited, the name of this track has been re-credited as Funky Town.
  • Although the dancer in the routine is frowning, his avatar is smiling.
  • Even though the dancer is in color, the background is black and white (sepia in Just Dance Now).
  • The two men behind the coaches of the Just Dance Kids version have a strong resemblance with Miis (avatars for various Wii, 3DS and Wii U games).
  • In the Just Dance 2 menu square, the coach's mouth has a slightly different shape.
  • The cover by Sweat Invaders has a different ending from the original.



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