"Gangnam Style" by PSY is featured as a DLC on Just Dance 4, Just Dance 2014 and Just Dance 2015, and on the main tracklist of Just Dance Wii U, Just Dance Now and Just Dance Unlimited.



P1, a representation of PSY, is wearing a red jacket or shirt and has a light blue or turquoise glove and the hair is black and he has shoes that are light blue and black.



P2 starts off as a woman that is wearing a turquoise-ish green shirt and is wearing a dark blue police cap. She is also wearing red and blue striped shoes and has blue stockings and she has black shorts and has a light purple glove.


She transforms into a man at the part of the famous elevator pose. He wears a red and black vest (similar to PSY's wardrobe) and has a turquoise shirt and has a light purple glove.


The man then transforms into yet another woman; the pink-haired woman resembles Lady Gaga and has a pair of black sunglasses, as well as a black and turquoise shirt, a pair of blue stockings and a pair of blue shoes with red laces.


The background changes a lot; when the male dancer (most likely PSY) has another male lay under his legs the background has horses like a carousel and at part of the song the background is yellow and has shadows like the official video. At one part of the routine, the background is a city with buildings. At other parts, there are silhouettes of dancers doing the dance behind a lime-yellow screen.

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Moves 1 and 2: Point to the right when you and your partner are in the elevator position in the music video.
Gold Move 3: Put your hand on your chin and lunge forward. This is the final move for the routine.

Appearances in Mashups

Gangam Style appears in the following Mashup:

Dance Quests

In Just Dance UnlimitedGangnam Style appears in the following Dance Quests maps:

  • Throne


  • Gangnam Style is the first song by PSY in the series; it is followed by Gentleman in Just Dance 2014.
    • It's also the first Korean song in the main series, with the second being Gentleman.
      • Many songs in the Japanese series are originally Korean but they're sung in Japanese, so this is the first native Korean song.
  • It's the first song that only one coach transforms in a duet. Second is Love Is All in Just Dance 2015.
  • P2, the first switched dancer, has two different avatars, one in the base game and one as a DLC (in Just Dance 2014, the original being in Just Dance 2015). The DLC version of the avatar has shorter and brighter hair, her glasses are slightly larger, and her hat is more curved.
  • This song has the most avatars (5, including the remade version of P2 Policewoman) for a single song in the entire series.
  • There are two unused Gold Moves. To get points with it, you have to shake your hands, in the beginning of the chorus.
    • It is used in almost every Beta picture.
    • Another one is a "Wave Gold Move", where you have to put your hands behind your head. It is done from right to left.
  • The Just Dance Now version had a totally different colour palette. If it was kept in the final game, it would be the first remake of a song which is already in HD.
  • This is the most played song in Just Dance Now, being played for over 320 millions times.
  • The routine uses official choreography like in the chorus and the end.
  • This song has so far been in every game since its release.
  • P2 (C1) makes a cameo in Just Dance's background.
  • This the first song in the series to have a music video which has accumulated over 1 billion views on YouTube; it is followed by Roar, Dark Horse, Bailando, Uptown Funk and All About That Bass.
  • C1's avatar on Just Dance 2016 with use the remade Just Dance 2014 version.



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