"Gibberish" by MAX is featured on Just Dance 2016 [2][3] and Just Dance Now.


The routine is a duet between a teenage girl and boy.


P1, a girl, has brown curly hair under a grey bowler hat. She wears a black vest, a blue shirt, gold necklaces, orange skinny jeans, and silver shoes.


P2, a boy, wears an orange beanie. He is also wearing a white hoodie, black skinny jeans, and blue moccasin shoes.


The background takes place in a nightclub. Many linear lights wave around on a dark backdrop. During the chorus, the background becomes white.

Gold Moves

There are 5 Gold Moves in this routine:

Gold Moves 1, 2 and 4: Punch to the left and out up the left leg.
Gold Move 3: Spin your arms in a circle while turning towards each other.
Gold Move 5: P1: Get your right hand down, P2: Recoil as if P1 had just kicked you.


  • This is the only song in the E3 reveal series for Just Dance 2016 to have a preview that wasn't at E3.
  • This song was also announced via Twitter.
  • This is the first E3 track reveal since Where Have You Been to have not been revealed at Gamescom.
  • The song was revealed at E3, but the gameplay was revealed during the VMAs.
  • This routine reuses a move from the extreme version of Wild Wild West.
  • "Crack" is censored, as it refers to crack cocaine.
  • There are two pictogram errors in the preview, the pictograms are normally yellow and grey, but during the second verse, a pictogram has switched colors. In the final game, the error appears to have been fixed.
  • The original song features Hoodie Allen, but the in-game version leaves his part as an instrumental.
    • However, he can still be heard saying "shhh" during the part where he's been cut out.
    • This is the sixth track in which an artist's part was removed from a song. The first time happened with E.T. when they removed Kanye West's part, the second time happened with Blurred Lines with T.I.'s part removed, followed by Dark Horse, as Juicy J's part was removed from that song, 4x4, where they removed Nelly's part, and Stuck On A Feeling, where Snoop Dogg's part was removed.
    • The song has been cut down by 18 seconds, which can be heard at the end of the preview.
  • In the menu square, the coaches' positions are inverted.




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