Hier geht es um KARA's song. Nicht zu verwechseln mit Calvin Harris' song or Demi Lovato's song with similar names.

"GO GO サマー!" ("Go Go Summer!") by KARA is featured on Just Dance Wii 2.


The routine is performed by a dance crew of four females.


P1 has poofy red hair and is wearing a white-and-orange striped tank top, a blue and orange vest, a beige belt, an orange skirt, blue ankle socks and orange shoes.


P2 has red hair in a loose ponytail and wears a blue and orange striped tank top, a turquoise jean jacket, a red belt, a turquoise skirt, orange ankle socks and turquoise shoes.


P3 has red hair in a bun and wears a blue and white striped tank top, a yellow cardigan, a blue belt, a yellow skirt, purple ankle socks and yellow shoes


P4 has her hair down and wears a dark blue sailors cap, a dark blue tank top, a yellow belt, a dark blue skirt, turquoise ankle socks and dark blue shoes.


The background looks like a summer resort. There is an ice cream truck behind P2 and P3, and palm trees and beach chairs around it.

Gold Moves

There are 4 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Moves 1 and 2: Bring your right hand over your head, starting with P1.
Gold Move 3: Starting with P4, bring your right hand beside you and pretend to hit the ground.
Gold Move 4: Hit the air with your right hand.


  • P4 appears to move in front of the other dancers while dancing.
  • This is the second song by KARA in Just Dance Wii 2, after Jet Coaster Love.
  • Never give up is written in Japanese characters (ネバーギブアップ, romanticized Nebāgibuappu).
  • The truck and some moves come from the music video.
  • This song was the highlight of the game, along with Maru! Maru! Mori! Mori!.



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