"Gold Dust" by DJ Fresh is featured as a DLC on Just Dance 4.


Golddustupdated coach 1 big
The dancer is a larger man wearing a red shirt, a purple coat, a pair of red and purple checkered shorts, a pair of dark blue socks, a pair of black leather shoes, as well as a black fanny pack.


The background consists of a street during daytime with stylized silhouettes and cars passing by, with also a bus stop sign. At a moment, the background turns nighttime and is distorted by waves. The board on the bus stop advertises (in order of appearance) music players, Tyrio laptops, a brand of paint and CoMpAnY. A red and a yellow-green building are also seen in the far background; an advertisement on the latter building advertises orange soda.

Gold Moves

There are 2 Gold Moves in the routine, both of which are the same:

Both: Spread your hands across your face as if you are pouring dust on yourself when ''It's like gold dust'' is sung.


  • The dancer resembles Gabriel Iglesias.
  • This is the fourth song to feature a chubby dancer, after Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), You Can't Hurry Love and Skin-To-Skin. The fifth song to have this feature is Turn Up the Love's Sumo alternate, although, in that routine the dancers are wearing fatsuits. The sixth song to have this feature is Hit The Road Jack, although only one of the two dancers has this feature.
  • The choreography starts and finishes with the coach missing his bus.
  • Since the URL number 20150814_1338, the coach picture has been replaced with a more centered one, and the menu square is no more pixelated.



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