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"Gotta Be Me" by Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell and the Cast of Teen Beach 2 is featured on Just Dance: Disney Party 2.


P1 (Brady) - The first dancer is a male, he is wearing a black leather jacket over white T-shirt with a purple diamond pattern, black jeans and maroon high tops.

P2 (Mack) - The Second dancer is a female, she is wearing a peach dress with three layers and mathcing flats.


The background resembles the gym from the movie only with an orange hue instead of a blue one, there are hanging paper lights and curtains in front of a sunset beach backdrop.

Gold Moves

Gold Move TBA: Bring your arms up


  • The routine is a solo with alternating coaches, but towards the end both coaches are brought out and light that indicates the playable coach alternates between the two.


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