"Head Over Heels" by ABBA is featured on ABBA: You Can Dance.


The dancer is a female teenager with curly purple hair. She wears a black shirt, a silver jacket, black tights, and black high heels.


The background isn't very detailed. It's just a dance floor that lights up purple and blue. Unlike many other routines in the same game, there is no music video in the background.

Gold Moves

There is 1 Gold Move in this routine:

  • Gold Move 1: Put your hands down.



  • The dancer resembles Katy Perry.
  • This is the most recent ABBA song, being a 1982 song.
  • It is one of 4 ABBA songs to be made in the 80's. The other 3 are Super Trouper, The Winner Takes It All and Lay All Your Love on Me.
  • The song theme can be heard on score screen.
  • The first time lyrics "She's extreme/If you know what I mean" appeared in 2 lines, but second time it appeared in one line.


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