"Hey Jessie" by Debby Ryan is featured on Just Dance: Disney Party.


The lead dancer has brown hair in a ponytail, blue denim jacket, white and yellow dress with black belt, and black shoes.

The left dancer has long black hair, white dress with red skirt, blue leggings, and black sneakers.

The right dancer has short black hair, a blue argyle (rhombus patterned) pullover, light blue shirt underneath, black pants, and black sneakers.


It looks like the apartment from Jessie. In the beginning, the lead clicks the elevator button. Sometimes, the elevator sends her up or down.

Gold Moves

All 3 Gold Moves: Jump up and down while punching the air with your right hand.

Hey Jessie Theme Song Gold Move

All Gold Moves


Just Dance- Disney Party (Wii) - Jessie Theme Song

Just Dance- Disney Party (Wii) - Jessie Theme Song

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