"Hey Ya" by Outkast is featured on Just Dance 2, Just Dance: Greatest Hits/Best Of and Just Dance Now.


Hey Ya coach

The dancer is a man who is wearing a red and white checkered shirt with orange suspenders and glasses. He is also wearing a pink and blue hat. He also wears pink pants. He begins by materializing from glass and ends by shattering into glass shards. In his Just Dance Now remake, he looks more realistic.


The background is a collage of different colored triangles. Around are some silhouetted stage lights, the ones above lighting up. The floor reflects off the background and dancer.

In the Just Dance: Greatest Hits and Just Dance Now versions, there are more light effects.

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine:

Gold Move 1: Make a small circle in the air slowly with both of your arms when "Love the exception" is sung.
Gold Move 2: Lower both of your arms in a semi-circle when "Happy here" is sung.
Gold Move 3: Put your hands on your chest.

Appearances in Mashups

Hey Ya appears in the following Mashups:


  • Cumma is censored, because it refers to ejaculation. Also ''God'' is not censored because the name God is not taken in vain.
  • When the song ends, from Just Dance: Greatest Hits onward, the dancer turns to a white blur, while in Just Dance 2 he is still visible.
  • In Just Dance 2, on the menu, when one views this song, the menu circle is zoomed in on mostly his face. It was changed in Just Dance 3 so that his whole body is visible, as was the case with Rasputin.
  • Some of the dance moves were inspired from the music video.
  • The dancer has a completely altered color scheme on the Greatest Hits cover. This also happens with TiK ToK and Firework.
  • The line "And this I know for sure" is misspelled as "And this I know for show." In Just Dance Now it appears as "And this i know for sho'".
  • The coach makes a cameo in Just Dance’s background.



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