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"Hokey Pokey" by The Just Dance Kids is featured on Just Dance Kids 2.


  • P1: she wears a yellow cowboy hat, long black hair with a long tail, red T-shirt, brown skirt and brown leather boots.
  • P2: he wears a black hat, red&white checkered shirt with black unbuttoned vest, black jeans, and black shoes.
  • P3: she wears a brown cowboy hat, red shirt with dark yellow vest, denim skirt and leather boots.


A Far West themed farm with a warehouse, many cacti, and mountains on the horizon.

Gold Moves

There are 6 Gold Moves in the routine, and all of them are the same.

All Gold Moves: Skip in place and swing your arms from side to side, like you're doing a little jig.

All Gold Moves


  • This song is playable in 4 different languages (without hacking the console): English, Spanish, French, and German.



Just Dance Kids 2 The Hokey Pokey