"Hole In Your Soul" by ABBA is featured on ABBA: You Can Dance.


There are four dancers: 3 females & a male. At the start, they are introduced as Annie, Betty, Alice & Butch at the beginning of the song.


P1 is a woman with medium length curly brown hair, a gold headband, a yellow dress with purple buttons on it, and yellow flats on.


P2 is a woman with short blonde hair ina bob cot with a red hair clip on.  She also has a white and red cheerleading shirt and skirt on, and red cheer shoes.


P3 is a man with very short black hair, a white shirt with a black jacket on, and black pants and shoes.


P4 is a woman with long brown hair, a white shirt and a red necklace, and yellow shorts and flats.


The background is a high school. Like the other 5 mini musical songs, there is a stage that they perform on. The high school is used again during People Need Love.


  • The dancers names are introduced at the start of the song.
  • This song shares a background with People Need Love.
  • The first time "Sometimes life is a burden way down in your shoes" is sung, it appears in two lines,(Sometimes life is a burden/way down in your shoes) but then it appears in one line.


ABBA You Can Dance Gameplay - "Hole In Your Soul" - High Score Of 3,596 Points

ABBA You Can Dance Gameplay - "Hole In Your Soul" - High Score Of 3,596 Points

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