"Holiday" by Madonna, covered by The Hit Crew, is featured on Just Dance 2 and on Just Dance Kids (in which it is covered by The Just Dance Kids in-game).


Holiday clipped rev 1

Just Dance 2

The dancer is a woman with tied up orange hair. She is wearing a yellow bandana around her head. She's wearing an orange crop top, a red skirt with yellow and white belts, orange leggings with white polka dots on them, and yellow shoes. She starts off as mostly purple, then she turns orange.

Just Dance Kids

The lead dancer has middle-short black hair with a grey bow, blue T-shirt, grey skirt, black leggins and black ballerina shoes. The left dancer has black tied up hair, black T-shirt, black pants and black shoes. The right dancer has short black hair, black sleeveless shirt, navy blue jeans, and white and black sneakers.


Just Dance 2

The background appears to be the side of a subway stop. One of the pictures on the wall is a rainy city (similar to the background from It's Raining Men) that says "Need holiday?" on the bottom left. The picture changes to a tropical island with "Holiday" written on the bottom right, and stays like that for most of the routine. It changes back to the rainy picture at the end of the song.

Just Dance Kids

A stage with a lot of people and coloured animated floor.

Gold Moves

All: Throw both of your hands out in front of you, with your arms bent.

Appearances in Mashups

Holiday appears in the following Mashups:


Holiday appears in Puppet/Party Master Modes. Here are the captions attributed to her dance moves:

  • Blow The Horn
  • Catch It
  • Happy Clap
  • Here I Am
  • Just Clap
  • Knee Pop
  • Old School Clap
  • Old School Snap


  • The rainy picture on the wall is from the background of It's Raining Men.
  • The Beta version had a different color scheme; it appears on the back of the Just Dance 2 cover.
  • In the song's menu icon, the coach's hair is bluish as compared to the actual coach. This is reminiscent of the Beta coach.
  • Along with When I Grow UpS.O.S and Song 2, this is one of the first four songs to feature a transforming dancer.
  • In the preview of this song, the pictograms were purple instead of orange.[1]
  • This is the second cover by The Hit Crew in the series, following Toxic.
  • The banner stating the routes, says "Toch Street" located in San Diego.




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