"I'm a Marionette" by ABBA is featured on ABBA: You Can Dance.


The dancers are a woman and a man.

  • The woman is a balerina with a pink balerina dress and brown hair in a bun.
  • The man wears a white shirt, black knee breeches with braces, and black shoes. He has short brown hair.


The place looks like a dressing room with a vanity table, puppets and statues. Sometimes, spotlights appear.

Gold Moves

Gold Move 1:While holding on the other dancer, make a circle with the hand.

Gold Move 2(P1):Make a robot pose while supporting P2.

Gold Move 2(P2):Make a robot pose while lying on P1.

Gold Move 3:Stand on one leg, put the right hand up and support the other player with the left hand.

Schermata 12-2457016 alle 09.36.07

Gold Move 3

Schermata 12-2457016 alle 09.33.15

Gold move 1

Schermata 12-2457016 alle 09.34.34

Gold Move 2



Abba (You Can dance) Nintendo Wii - I'm a marionette

Abba (You Can dance) Nintendo Wii - I'm a marionette

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