"I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" by ABBA is featured on ABBA: You Can Dance.


There are two dancers, a female & a male. They are Butch and Betty from Mini-Musical-Mode.

P1 (Betty)

  • Short blonde hair in a bob cut
  • Red hair clip
  • Beige sweater
  • Red & white dress
  • Red high heels

P2 (Butch)

  • Very short black hair
  • White shirt
  • Black pants
  • Black shoes


The background is a drive in. On the screen, it shows the music video for this song. This song shares a background with Does Your Mother Know.


  • As with the other 5 mini musical mode routines, this routine has no gold moves,
  • It is one of the shortest songs in the game
  • Betty and Butch wear the same outfits in Does Your Mother Know, but Betty loses her sweater and Butch gets a black jacket. They also share a background.


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