"I Wish For You" by EXILE is featured on Just Dance Wii U.


The dancers are both men with the following features:


  • Short black hair.
  • Black necklace.
  • Red sleeveless vest with a grey shirt underneath.
  • Black pants with red stripes.
  • Black shoes.


  • Black hair in a chignon.
  • Golden necklace.
  • Red stripes around his chest.
  • Black loose pants with red stripes.
  • Black shoes.


A stadium with lots of lights on the floor, fireworks, and a screen that shows the routine.

Gold Moves

The routine has 6 Gold Moves.

  • Gold Moves 1, 3 & 5: After moving to either direction, raise your right arm upwards (Akin to Get Lucky.)
  • Gold Moves 2 & 4: Point at the other dancer.
  • Gold Move 6: Hit the sky. (Akin to We Can't Stop)


  • This is the fifth EXILE song in the series, the others being Won't Be Long, Choo Choo TRAIN, Lovers Again and Rising Sun.
  • The last chorus was taken out.
  • The 6th gold move is similar to the Gold Move from We Can't Stop.
  • The dancers look similar to those from Get Lucky, and the first, third, and fifth gold moves are similar to those of the same song.
  • The costumes and background represent the costumes and background that were used in EXILE's 2010 tour.
  • The screen in the background reflects the players' scores.
    • Strangely, it doesn't reflect the pictograms and the star bar.



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