"Ievan Polkka" by Hatsune Miku is featured on Just Dance 2016 and Just Dance Now.


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The dancer's design is the exact same as that of Hatsune Miku's, but with a hot pink glove added to her right hand, in which she holds a green leek. Evidently, she has long bright blue hair tied up in ponytails, a silver and black dress with a blue tie, black arm warmers, and black boots. Her body is static and blurry, and is generally translucent.


The routine takes place in front of a panel of digital screens. Vegetables such as leeks, turnips, and carrots appear in colored backgrounds on the screens, as does a scenic view of purple mountain caverns.

There are also two hologram projectors beside the dancer, which occasionally project bluish holograms of the dancer.

Gold Moves


There is only one Gold Move in this routine:
Gold Move: Put your arms up quickly, as if you are spreading your arms out to fly.


There are 4 Gold Moves in the Mashup:
Gold Move 1: P2, swing your right arm upwards to your mouth; P1, jump onto P2's back and raise your arm. (C'mon)
Gold Move 2 and 4: Shake both of your arms. (Blurred Lines)
Gold Move 3: Rub your right leg with your lowering right arm. (Blurred Lines)


Ievan Polkka has a Duet Mashup with the theme B.F.F. which can be unlocked for 1000 Mojo Coins. It features duets with friendly relationships.


(No repeats)

Dance Quests

Ievan Polkka appears in the following Dance Quest maps:

  • Roller

Appearances in Mashups

Ievan Polkka appears in the following Mashups:


Ievan Polkka appears in Party Master Modes in Just Dance 2016. Here are the captions for her dance moves:

  • Leek Power
  • One Leek Please


  • Ievan Polkka is the second song by a Japanese artist to only appear in the main series, following Spectronizer. However, Ievan Polkka is not a Japanese song - rather, it is Finnish in origin.
  • This is the second song to feature Hatsune Miku in the entire series, after Tell Your World. However, it is the first in which Miku is the main artist as opposed to a featured artist.
    • It's also the first song by Hatsune Miku to be featured in the main series, as Tell Your World was featured in the Japanese-only Just Dance Wii U, which makes her the first artist from the Japanese series to come to the main series.
  • This is the ninth cover to be made by a singer who doesn't work for Ubisoft; it follows ToxicHolidayHere Comes the Hotstepper,You Can't Hurry LoveJump (For My Love)Can't Take My Eyes Off You, One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks), and Never Can Say Goodbye.
  • This is the first song with a Finnish title and to have Finnish roots.
  • A stop motion effect is used on the dancer.
  • This is the fifth song, after Never Gonna Give You Up, Gangnam Style, The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) and Let It Go, to have been based on a viral video. In this case, the viral video is Leekspin.
  • In an Instagram video, it is seen that Ievan Polkka is the only song to not be sorted in the menu in alphabetical order as with all the other E3 2015 reveals.[3]
  • This is the 6th song to have a coach based on an official character, being Hatsune Miku, after Just Mario, Prince Ali, Ghostbusters, Let It Go and India Waale. It is followed by Balkan Blast Remix, Under the Sea and You're The One That I Want.
  • The preview appears to use the version of the song from the "Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA" series rather than the original. But in the game appears as the original song.
    • However, the lyrics still being from the Project DIVA version of the song.
    • It also borrows some moves from the official choreography from the game.
  • The Gold Move is similar to one of the gold moves from Electric Boy.
  • Its codename is misspelled (LevanPolkka).
  • In the Mashup, the Gold Move effect glitches out when P2's Gold Move from C'mon occurs.
  • The dancer ties with Tell Your World for longest hair.  




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