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"Interstellar Simon" by Color Theory is featured on Just Dance Kids 2014.


P1 is a female alien, she has a blue dress, ponytails and green skin.

P1 is a male astronaut, he wears a blue suit and white shoes.


The background is an orange planet (possibily Mars) with a white rocket. The Earth can be seen in the sky.


  • The girl dancer is an alien and the boy dancer is an astronaut making the routine similar to Only You (And You Alone) in Just Dance 2015.
  • P2 looks similar to Jump Up!. Which also has an outer space background.
  • This is the first Color Theory song in the game. It's followed by Fireflies.
    • However, this is the only one to not be a cover.
  • The girl is Jordyn Jones.


Just Dance Kids 2014 "Interstellar Simon"

Just Dance Kids 2014 "Interstellar Simon"

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