"Isidora" by Bog Bog Orkestar is featured on Just Dance 2014, Just Dance Now and Just Dance 2016 (as a Uplay unlockable).


  • Short hair and moustache
  • At the beginning of the song he is wearing beige jacket, but he takes it off.
  • Gray blue shirt half tucked into his pants
  • Beige pants
  • Black shoes
  • A gold belt a necklace and a watch


The background is an outdoor cantina with chickens around the wooden floor. It looks like a buffet or banquet has just ended there.

Gold Moves

There are 2 Gold Moves in the routine, both of which are the same:
Both: Put your hand over your head and bend your left leg towards your right leg.


  • The song is in Bosnian. For translated lyrics, click here.
  • On any consoles that uses a remote (Wii, Wii U, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4), the clapping part can get you at least 1 star, total, while doing it on PERFECT.
  • The song's title is Isidora. However, the lyrics and credits show it as Izidora.
  • This song won in the Craziest Move category on the first Just Dance Awards.
  • Isidora has the highest BPM (beats per minute) in the entire franchise, with a BPM of 203. On the other side, the song with the lowest BPM is Only You (And You Alone) with a BPM of 77.
  • Zagreb is used as code name for it in Just Dance Now files; and oddly enough, Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, but the song is Bosnian.




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