"Jambo Mambo" by Olé Orquesta is featured on Just Dance 3 (as a PS3 exclusive and a DLC for the Wii) and Just Dance Now.


The dancers consist of one female and one male, they wear the following:


P1 has long blue hair tied in a ponytail and wears light blue earrings, a loose red shirt, a yellow glove, navy blue long pants, and red heels.


P2 wears a turquoise hat over his blue hair, a turquoise shirt, a red glove, a pair of red suspenders, navy blue long pants and a pair of black sneakers.


The background consists of an ochre wall with silhouetted palm trees, trumpets, drums, exotic flowers, and plants.

In Just Dance Now, the palms are in full opacity and the drums seem to be smaller.

Gold Moves

There are 5 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Move 1, 3 and 4: Put your hands near your hips but without touching them.
Gold Move 2: P1 swings their right arm to the left and left arm up while P2 does similarly but in the opposite way.
Gold Move 5: Swing your right arm. This is the last move of the routine.


  • The trumpets and the drums reappear in the background of I Like It, but they are silhouetted and not in color.
    • Coincidentally, Gold Move 2 is also recycled in I Like It.
  • It isn't available for the Xbox 360 as a DLC along with Twist and Shake It, Soul Searchin' and Baby Don't Stop Now. However, the last song is available on Just Dance: Greatest Hits and Just Dance: Best Of.
  • This is the third Spanish song in the series; it was preceded by Boom and Mamasita.
  • This is one of the several songs that follow the lyrics, when ''Mueve la cintura y los hombros'' (Move your hips and shoulders) is sung, the coaches do so.
  • Accents are present in the title (as is appropriate) on Just Dance Now.



JAMBO MAMBO ( Extreme Music ) -- Antonio Diaz Lopez

JAMBO MAMBO ( Extreme Music ) -- Antonio Diaz Lopez

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