"Jin Go Lo Ba" by Fatboy Slim is featured on Just Dance, Just Dance 3 as an Xbox 360 DLC, and Just Dance: Greatest Hits.

Appearance of the Dancer

Jingoloba coach 1@2x

The dancer wears a Native inspired outfit: a pink top, a skirt full of leaves, a pink necklace and a lot of bracelets. Also, she wears pink anklets and a big feather crown on her head. She's barefoot.


Jingoloba coach 1 big

In the remake, her color scheme is now different. The bracelets and a part of the feather crown are now black while the skirt, anklets, feather crown, and top are golden.


The background is inspired by African jungles. The background is a African jungle with the tree shadows and the light which filters from the leaves of the tree.

Shake Moves

There is 1 Shake Move in this routine:

Shake Move 1: Shake both of your arms up and down while stepping on the floor with your feet.

Gold Moves

There are 5 Gold Moves in this routine from Greatest Hits onwards; they aren't available in Just Dance:

Gold Moves 1, 2, 3 and 4: Put your right hand on your head.
Gold Move 5: Open your arms and bring them to the back.

Appearances in Mashups

Jin Go Lo Ba appears in the following Mashups:


  • This song is one of the first mixes made by Fatboy Slim and the first to be featured in the entire game series; it is followed by Rockafeller Skank, Sympathy For The Devil, and Body Movin' from the following game.
    • In fact, the original Jin Go Lo Ba is by Babatunde Olatunji; Fatboy Slim merely remixed it.
  • In the course of the routine, the coach almost never smiles; it also happens with the coaches of I Like to Move It, Womanizer, Eye Of The Tiger (which were all coincidentally choreographed by the same person.)
  • Jin Go Lo Ba has as an avatar on Just Dance 2015 which can only be unlocked when you achieve Level 50 on the World Dance Floor.
  • This is the first song in the entire Just Dance series without lyrics.
    • Warm Up also lacks lyrics, but it isn't an actual playable routine.
    • Despite being no lyrics, you can faintly hear the song's title being constantly repeated throughout the routine.
  • The coach in the bubble is brighter than in the gameplay.



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