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"Jump Up!" by The Imagination Movers is featured on Just Dance Kids 2.


  • P1 : A male kid with black hair dressed as an astronaut. His suit is grey.
  • P1 and 3 (Backup) : Both are female; their astronaut suits are black.


The background is an animated outer space, with lots of planets like the Earth, Saturn and Jupiter. Also, there is an astronaut in the right, in the left there is a rocket.

Gold Moves

There are 4 Gold Moves in this routine, which are all the same :

All : Move your hands as if you were opening the way.


  • The song is from the TV series The Imagination Movers.
  • The astronaut in the background resembles Only You (And You Alone)'s P2.
  • The dancer resembles P2 from Interstellar Simon.
    • Conicidencially, both songs' background are in outer space.
    • The rocket in the background is similar to the one from Interstellar Simon.




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