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"Jump in the Line" by Harry Belafonte (covered by The Sunlight Shakers in Just Dance 3 and Just Dance: Greatest Hits) is featured on Just Dance 2, Just Dance 3 as DLC, Just Dance: Greatest Hits, and Just Dance Wii.


The dancers in the routine are wearing pirate-themed outfits.


P1 is a woman with red hair, a fruit hair band, a fluffy green and red sleeveless dress, and green heels.


P2 is a man with long red hair, a blue pirate hat, a blue vest with a red and green belt, blue and white striped pants, and red boots.


The background has a pirate ship that the dancers are on, and it is viewed on one of the edges of it. The background also has a green sky (with highlighting lines), green water, and a dark green mountain with a skull on it.

Gold Moves

There is 1 Gold Move for each coach in this routine, and they are done at the same time:
Gold Move (P1): Put your left hand on your head and your right hand on your hip.
Gold Move (P2): Bend over and cross your arms.


  • In the Just Dance 2 menu icon, P1's glove and P2's outfit are green. However, in the routine, they are blue. The colors that P1's glove and P2's outfit has in the Just Dance 2 menu icon might be a beta color scheme.
  • On the Wii version of Just Dance 2015, P2's avatar's price of 50 Mojo coins instead of 5 Mojo coins is different from its cost on the other consoles.
  • As a DLC on Just Dance 3, the song's title is misspelled as "Jump InThe Line".
  • P2 he is wearing an eye patch, unlike his avatar.



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